Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sketch 7

I think I'm going to rework the bottom image, but I thought i would post to show the progress.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I took a trip a couple of months ago and managed to make a few sketches of different people and places. I find that drawing things helps me to remember where I have been better than a photo ever could. I think it is because I spend more time looking.

I was getting ready to draw a table of people when one lady reached down to grab her luggage. I wanted to see how fast I could capture it. Fortunately she spent a few seconds getting everything together, which was enough time for me to get this drawing finished. As I was drawing, the television reporter commented that it was statistically the most dangerous driving day in California, so I noted it. I didn't drive that day.

Sketches 1-6

Thumbnail Sketches

I've done several pages of thumbnail sketches for my new book that I will try and post within the next couple of days. I've also done a couple of final sketches for the first two pages. I'm debating on what medium to color the art. It will probably be guache or acrylic on cold press illustration board. I've got another story in mind that I thought of while riding my bicycle the other morning. It's been cloudy and cool this last month, which I love as far as home projects go. I'm not tempted the go and hike in the park up the road instead of being productive when it is soggy outside.

 The Timbers have seven minutes to score two goals. They better get going!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I only have a few copies of WORK (Dirty Hand Media 2003) that I put together with Doug Kubert left in storage. It features Doug Kubert, Josh Cotter, Gina Kaufmann,  and more. There is a copy currently in the Kansas City Public Library. I am also talking to the Washington County Public Library system about giving them a few copies as well. I hope to put together a more personal collection of stories in the next few months.