Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog Treat Fun

So, I am working on some concept art for this company that makes homeade dog treats. I've gone through a couple of rounds of sketches so far. The first round they said was too skinny and the hands and feet were too human like. They also said it looked like the grinch. Okay, I get it. Now that I look at it, I understand.

So, the next drawing is much portlier with big paws, and friendlier expression. It was also drawn with a pencil verses the WACOM tablet. The pencil on plain old paper makes a more exciting  drawing (better line work I think.) Hopefully the second sketch is a go. It's good to have a brutally honest customer.


jwcotter said...

i think the second one is great. i hope they go for it.

Ryan M said...

Cool thanks! I wasn't sure if anyone even looked at this.